New Beginnings and Never Endings



A new chapter unfolds. 


I’ve always felt like I hit a wall when it comes to writing on this blog. I felt like there’s nothing that I would want to write that my readers (if they’re still here) can still relate to. My life WAS an open book, it’s all here in this blog. But as I grew older, I felt the need for more privacy. I felt that I have become irrelevant. But then again, I realized I am mistaken. There’s still something that I can talk about or write rather, in this blog that I know many can still relate to. And what better topic to write about than who you are, or what you are, right? 


I am a single mom. By choice. And after through all the things that happened to me in the last 4-5 years, I have decided to become single for life. I have decided to embrace my situation rather than stress out over something that isn’t really of big importance to me. A love relationship is just not a priority for me at this point of my life. Maybe in the future, who knows? But for now, I made the decision yesterday, at church, in a prayer, while still leaving it all to God. He knows what’s best for me after all. What I need to do is to uphold the values of being a single mom, and love and provide for my family. 


So going back to the new face of this blog, it will still include random writings about life, but mostly about solo parenting and how to deal with teens and adult children. It will still include some of my ideas and endeavors. I want this to be a medium where we can talk about social issues affecting our children, no matter what age they are, and how we can be the best parents we can be, without being judged by others. 


I thought against deleting some of my blog posts that does not somehow fit into the new concept because they’re still a part of my life story. It makes up more of the crazy and unbelievable stuff I had to go through in life. It’s still ME. 


I started this blog when my children were still small, and now they're in Junior High School and my eldest daughter is now in college. She's turning 21 next year, so imagine how long I had this blog. It's too painful to let go of this and I am a very sentimental person. As long as Blogspot still exist, my blog will. I have thought of moving to another platform, I actually did, but I always come back because I like the simplicity of this platform. I create websites for a living, but I still prefer this to anything else for my personal blog. 


So this blog is here to stay. I might have changed the title many times than I can remember, have changed themes and format, but the content and the heart is still here. 

I also plan to start a Facebook group for Single moms, a support group, where we can be free to talk about our struggles and happiness, challenges and wins in solo parenting and just surviving and thriving. 


So I invite you all to continue this journey with me.  Let's continue to celebrate life, love and family.


Here’s to new beginnings and never endings!








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