Improve Your Mental Well-Being, No Drugs Required



Written by Julia Mitchell of Outspiration for Heart and Soul.

In the Western world, we are often taught that better mental health begins in a therapist’s chair
and ends with prescription medication. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking
therapy when you need it, there are ways to improve your mental well-being starting today.
Keep reading for a few unique ideas that might just make a huge difference in your mood.
Manifest your dreams.

Look ahead to what you want your future to be, and then put it into writing. Mary Anne Lim did
just that herself when she wrote a letter to her future lover. By visualizing what you want,
whether it’s love, wealth, or security, you put yourself in a position to better plan for all that may

Start a nonprofit.

Volunteering is one of the greatest ways to quickly improve your mental health. If you can’t find
a cause near and dear to your heart nearby, consider setting up your own nonprofit corporation
to reach those who may be able to benefit from your experience the most. Don’t skip the
nonprofit corporation step because this details how your NPO operates, is governed, and which
issues are considered conflicts of interest. To get started here, draft bylaws and look ahead at
potential grants and funding opportunities available only to nonprofits.


The way that you present yourself to other people has a significant sway on how they react to
you. When you look happy, people may come to you with a better disposition. This in itself can
help you have more positive interactions each day, and that can go a long way toward
improving your outlook.

Try float therapy

Float therapy, often called sensory deprivation therapy, offers many benefits. Integrative health
provider Longevity Effect explains that flotation can reduce pain, sharpen mental clarity, reduce
blood pressure, and provide relief from stress.


According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine's National Center for
Biotechnology Information, something as simple as watching when you eat can alleviate
depressive symptoms
and improve overall mental well-being.

Sleep outside.

You may love your air conditioner, but sleeping outside positively affects your hormones while
increasing your immunity levels. Further, fresh air improves brain function, and being outdoors
reduces stress.

Read a book.

You already know that reading opens up your mind to a world you may not have known. But it
also offers a host of mental wellness benefits by improving the brain’s neural circuitry.

Have sex.

Dr. Dana McNeil tells The Relationship Place about the benefits of bedroom intimacy. Not only
does regular sex boost your self-esteem and serotonin levels, but it can also help you sleep
better. Perhaps most importantly, the endorphins your brain releases during these intimate
moments can help lift depression.

Change clothes.

Believe it or not, what you wear has a profound effect on your emotional state and mental
wellness. By dressing up or dressing down, you put yourself in a different mental state. So, don’t
feel bad about going shopping
or splurging on a new outfit that makes you feel good about



Mental well-being is a matter of attitude and actions. And if you don’t have the money to visit a
therapist, now might be a great time to look for ways to improve your mental state one small
action at a time. Whether you’re starting your own nonprofit to help other people or settling
down with your partner in the evening, today’s tips can help you treat yourself better than ever.
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