A day at the Beach, Stilts, Calatagan



Booked for a day tour at Stilts. Yes, Stilts at Calatagan, Batangas, also known as the Maldives of the Philippines, or so they say, because of the beautiful floating cottages.

It's great to getaway from all the busyness and hustle of our daily life. We were supposed to book on February 12, just in time for my mom's birthday and an advance celebration for my daughter's birthday too. But, time was tight, there were still things we need to comply with the resort. And one of that needs at least a week considering our busy schedules, like getting a health certificate from the local municipal health center for my nephew, who was the only one unvaccinated.


Stilts has many beaches. One of the most private was Destiny beach. It has only 3 cabanas meaning, only 3 families or group will be using the beach. But, this was the area for water activities.


So we got a booking at Destiny Beach, it was the only available location for day tours when I booked 2 weeks earlier. At Alert Level 2, we were still required to present our vaccination cards and submit a health declaration form for the fully vaccinated and a health certificate for the child who are not vaccinated. 


On the way, there's a military checkpoint upon entry at Calatagan, but they just ask where you are going. You should expect heavy traffic when you reach that area especially on weekends. After arriving the resort, you will be asked to go to a holding place where attendance and temperatures will be checked. 


This is also your time to go to the front desk to settle any balance from your initial deposit. After payment, you will be given a key to your cabana's cabinet where you can keep your valuables inside and color-coded wrist bands. 


You will also be informed about the places where you can go within the resort. For day tour guests, you are not allowed to into the cottages, but the beach front and the infinity pool is available for everybody. 


How do they control guests from going into restricted areas? Guests are required to wear the color-coded wristbands to distinguish day tour guests and which beach you are booked at. 


There is a shuttle that will take you anywhere in the resort. Upon check in, you are given a map with all the markings of which places you are allowed to go to. So the beachfront is available for everybody. You can go to the other beaches by walking or using the free shuttle. You are also allowed to use the infinity pool and its amenities. 


The cottages for overnight guests, especially the floating cottages are off-limits to day tour guests. Water activities and ATV are available for rent. 

We decided to pay the corkage fee so we can bring food. There were 15 of us so buying food from their restaurant would be very expensive. The corkage fee for food is 200 per head. We were surprised that it was also consumable so you can order from the restaurant a food's worth the corkage you paid. 


So for us, we paid 3K for the corkage and we use that to buy additional food. 


It's so nice to be able to have some quiet moment, even just for a few moments, just to recharge your body and spirit. My family needed it, my kids especially, because the last two years during the pandemic was tough on them. This one day getaway was a very much needed respite from our redundant and semi-boring lives.




 For more information about Stilts Calatagan just visit their website at stilts.com





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