Early Morning Thoughts: What Happened in 2022 and What's Coming for 2023



It’s 6 days into January and I still don’t have anything to write on this blog. But, I should be kind to myself, I didn’t write until the 8th day of January last year. Life has been too crazy and busy these past few months that I could not have time to sit and be alone with my thoughts, which I miss doing. I guess it’s the consequence of trying your best to hit your goals. I’m not complaining because I did hit my financial goals in terms of monthly income in April of last year. 



The challenge now is how to be consistent and maintain that level of income. 


Now I understand why most people who hit that 6-digit income are doing everything to keep that and the lifestyle upgrade that comes with it, because no one wants to go back to where they were before they hit that milestone. Once you hit that goal, there’s no way you would ever want to go back to a 5-figure income. 


Last year was different. I was different. I chose myself over others and I am proud to have the courage to do that. I would not be celebrating my wins last year if I didn’t choose myself. I completely cut-off relations with people who are toxic to my life, clients, friends and even family members. Living without stress is one of my biggest goals in life too. Being near or even in the acquaintance of toxic people robs you of the energy you need to work on your goals and on yourself.


When I chose me, I was able to focus on myself and my family. And I don’t really miss the people I’ve cut off from my life. I don’t know but I just don’t think about them anymore. I cleaned my social media accounts, removed people I don’t want to be associated with and more importantly, I don’t post as much. Now I don’t have to stress about the number of likes my post gets and I don’t really need that validation anymore.

2022 Realizations

  1. 2022 has been good not only for me but also for most of my family members. I know it’s selfish to say that the pandemic helped us in our freelancing careers. While we have been in this industry for years, the pandemic was something that helped us grow our income with the advent of transitions businesses made from traditional businesses to online. And doing things online is our expertise.

  1. Choosing yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t choose yourself, how can you expect other people to choose you? Same as loving yourself. No one can love you more than you. Always choose yourself.

  1. Self-love and self-care are still important. Doing something I love to do is still the best way I care for myself and giving myself the permission to rest and do nothing and have peace of mind.

  1. I learned to not argue with someone over something. I just erased arguments from my life. This is one of those energy suckers that you want to eradicate from your life. Arguing over silly matters and petty things. It’s not like suppressing your voice, but there’s a different way of having your voice heard than going into an argumentative state.  


Highlights of my 2022: Things I am Grateful for

  • Travelled to Tacloban twice 
  • Was able to go on a recreational trip with the whole family to a beach resort, Stilts at Calatagan, Batangas
  • Was able to go on a weekend getaway with the whole family at least three times last year.
  • Bought my first authentic designer bag and wallet
  • I was able to pay my daughter’s tuition without any help from her father
  • Was able to let my kids eat in expensive restaurants
  • Was able to pay off debts.
  • Got my first MacBook - an M1 Macbook Air 2021 model
  • Grow my client base. I started with 2 and now I serve an average of 9-12 clients monthly.
  • Good health. We didn’t have any serious health issues except for Covid-like symptoms which we were able to overcome

these and many more... 



I am also grateful for the good fortune and blessings of my siblings. My sister and her family have left for Canada on a work visa, another sibling bought their second home. I am super thankful and happy for them. I may not be at their level yet when it comes to lifestyle and income, but I know that my time will come and it is now happening. Things are now unfolding.

Of course, this blog post won’t be complete without my hopes and expectations for 2023. I hope that this abundance streak continues forever and that I would be able to upgrade our lifestyle and continue hitting life goals.


Intentions and Manifestations for 2023

  • My income increased 50% -100% more than what I have now.
  • I am scaling up my business by hiring more freelancers
  • I am investing more
  • I am totally eliminating debt
  • I am buying a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs here or in Tacloban (priority)
  • I am preparing for the international travel for me and the kids
  • I am preparing for my Boracay trip with the kids and family
  • I am preparing a solo travel abroad (Singapore, Thailand or Taiwan)
  • I am a business partner in one of my client’s businesses
  • I am providing a monthly allowance for my mother
  • I am finishing and publishing my first bestselling book

You may wonder why my love life and intimate relationship is not in the list. Well, that is intentional too. I know I am not ready for that yet, I still have a lot to do for my family and most importantly, I AM HAPPY BEING SINGLE!! I think that’s the most important thing right now. 



I am happy where I am and I do not feel any lack in my life now. 


Some of these intentions and manifestations seem too unlikely to happen at the moment, but that is the challenge and I am accepting it. Nothing is impossible and I believe that these things are now happening. I am sending this out into the Universe and I know that right now, the Universe is putting the pieces together to make these manifest at the right time. 


So thank you, thank you, thank you for all these manifestations. I am looking forward to a more abundant and joy-filled 2023 and beyond.



Cheers and may all our dreams come true!!



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