A Love Letter for My Future Love: A Manifestation for Finding My Soulmate


They say that if you really want something, you should always be very visual about it and be very clear of what you want. In my previous post, I have posted about what I learned from Deepak Chopra on how to manifest your soul mate or one true love.


I am not very good at visualization because I have a very short attention span. Every time I start to visualize, new thoughts would come in and would destroy the initial visualization I had. In short, I do really have a very short attention span.


But I am a good writer, (based on my very prejudiced opinion :)) and I love writing letters. Long letters. And more so I love writing traditional love letters. I think it is something lovers should try doing more , putting down into words your feelings in your own handwriting, which is more personal than an email. It is also a good way to reconnect with your younger self.


And so, what I did was to compose a letter , for the future love of my life and in it I wrote every little detail of the kind of love I want to have for my future.


So, here goes….


My handwritten love letter.
My handwritten love letter.


Dearest You,


 I cannot even find the words to express my gratitude for everything you do for me, and for everything that you are.


Looking back, had our paths not crossed, I don’t know where life will have me at this very moment. Everything with you is a new experience, a new perspective of how life is more beautiful when you learn to trust that one day, everything will be alright.


You were never the kind of person that I would meet in my everyday life. Our paths crossed in a very unconventional manner, and so I would like to think that somehow, a force stronger than us, brought the two of us together. Destiny? Fate? Maybe. 


You are sweet. You d0 things to me and for me which no one else had ever done before. Because of that, I admire you and respect you more. You never fail to surprise me, in any way you can. I used to hate surprises, but now I crave for more. And that’s because of you. You showed me that life’s better when you allow a little spontaneity rather than always being in control of  everything. You taught me that sometimes, letting your hair down is not being childish but enjoying the best gift of life. Happiness.


You awaken the goddess in me that has been hibernating for quite some time now. You make me feel alive once more. I learned to smell the flowers once again and savor the fresh scents of nature. With an active spirit, you taught me that being a push-over can sometimes be motivating. Your positive outlook in life is infectious! I am full of positive energy because of everything you taught me and influenced me. And for this I am forever thankful.


My gratitude will outlast any other feeling I’ll have for you except that my love will be more lasting than any other feeling I’d feel towards you or you to me. 


Life is more beautiful because of what you have made me become, a better person, the best version I could possibly have of me. 


You have all of my love,



Friends ask me this question a lot, ” are you with someone now?”

No, not yet. But there is always the hope for someone.


This was originally published in my other blog "A Day in the Life of Anne" on July 8, 2013. 


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